2-daagse workshop (m/v) Sinderen (NL)

LET OP: Cancelled (not enough subscriptions)
Please stay tuned for further updates

Tane me te wahine workshop
He Atua (the devine/guardians) Na Tipuna (ancestors) Te Whenua (mother earth) He Tanata (man/ humans). Everything is connected, there is no separation in nature. We are all one. We are a continuation of those before us.
Let’s come TOGETHER.

Te Noho Piritata
Come together with open hearts to connect openly and freely with each other. To connect with your inner nature and the hidden wisdom within oneself. Step into the unknown. Connecting with our inner knowing and wisdom is what’s possible when we let go and surrender to the quietness and natural healing of nature with an open heart.

For whom?
For men and women who are wanting change, who need a break from themselves, to let go of what is no longer needed, to be present. To un-learn, to learn to re-learn, a weekend of transformation.

To consider
When there is no expectation, anything is possible. Walking in nature, group circles, rituals, singing, haka and eating as one is what takes place. What is revealed and experienced is guided by the energy of the group, insights, signs in nature and the learning of the old teachings.

What to bring
Tent/camper/caravan, own sleeping gear, personal clothing, towels etc.
Further information will follow upon registration.

Sinderen, in the scenic landscape of the Achterhoek. On site; de tempel van de vurige kraai.

Language spoken: English, Maori and Dutch. (translation available).

Fri 14th July 17:00 hrs walk – in.
Sun 16th July 13.30 hrs walk – out.
Nibbelinklaan 8, Sinderen

The flyer download here.

333 euro p.p.

Information and registration
Stuur een mail naar Vurige Kraai als je vragen hebt.

Parking possible on location

Minimaal aantal deelnemers 10 personen, maximum 22