Maori Healing, the way to Freedom

Maori Healing is still unknown to many people. It is certainly, very effective and can  also be called Deep Tissue massage.  This authentic Maori massage is a very intense, effective and expansive massage for both body and mind.

The Maori culture believes that from generation to generation, old traumas are passed on, unconsciously. These traumas are passed down in your DNA and therefore stored in your body.  This healing ensures that old traumas, sadness and emotions are cleared away so you will feel more free.   The difficulty with some of these traumas is that we are often unaware of this.  

By receiving this healing, these traumas and emotions can be processed and released.  During the healing itself, there is plenty of room and freedom for expressing your feelings, emotions and letting go of things that no longer have a function for you.

Maori Healing is suitable for anyone from young to old, who are willing to put their ego aside to get closer to themselves.  Even if you have physical complaints, this healing can offer you a solution, but it is very important to clearly state where you have complaints so that this can be taken into account.

Before the Healing / Massage starts a short conversation with Tikirau and Erina in which you can indicate what your limitations are physically / mentally, and certainly as important as what your wishes are and what you want to get out of this healing.  Tikirau and Erina speak English well.

Tikirau and Erina will personally give these authentic Maori healings.

Impressie van voorgaande sessies

Praktische informatie

De Healings zullen plaatsvinden op het adres: Industrieweg 32 (linker ingang), 5262 GJ Vught


  • 1 handdoek om te douche.
  • Indien gewenst badjas en slippers.

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